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Acrylic bending machines use heat to soften acrylic and plastic sheets so they can be easily formed into any desired shape or angle. When the material is allowed to cool down, it becomes rigid again.

These machines can be adapted for a huge variety of uses that include decoration engineering, aquarium wrapping, sign making, creating bent supermarket shelves and display cabinets, creating acrylic and plastic plates, and making artworks.

Acrylic bending machines are available in a variety of models and each of them is unique in its design and purpose.

HRK125 is a customizable bending machine that comes with a pneumatically operated top frame. It also has a timer and a foot switch.

HRT 125 belongs to HRT series that is a little more advanced than the basic HR models. These machines come with multiple heating lines and reflectors that allow you to make more than one bend at a time.

ABM-135D is another plastic bending machine that’s exceptional at producing large quantities of single or two bend materials that are up to 0.25 inches in thickness and they’re quite easy to set up. Moreover, they can heat, bend, and cool automatically.

What Thickness of Plastics Can Be Bent?

These plastic bending machines can bend plastics sheets that are up to 16mm in width.

What Are Some Common Uses of Acrylic Bending Machines?

Acrylic bending machines are most commonly used to bend materials like Foam PVC, Plexiglass, Polypropylene, ABS, Perspex, and Polycarbonate and use a heating element to soften them before they can be formed into the required shape.

What Machine Do You Use to Bend Plastic?

The Shannon AFF 135 is an automatic bending machine that’s incredibly easy to operate andcan process thin plastic sheets. The machine comes with an electronic heating element that can be adjusted accurately. You can use this machine to bend one or more sheets at once.

Where Can I Get Help with My Acrylic Bending Machine?

If you need help setting up or repairing your acrylic bending machine, feel free to contact Edge Finisher Co. and let them take care of any problems.

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