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Edge Finisher Company

Edge Finisher Company manufactures equipment that enhances the appearance and quality of finished acrylic and other rigid plastic sheets while increasing productivity. Our manufacturing facility and showroom are located in Bethel, CT.

EFC Polishing Equipment:

Edge Finisher Co. was the pioneer in Diamond Edge Polishers and remains the leader today. Both the table top EF-200 and floor model EF-3000 produce a clear, polished edge on acrylic and other rigid plastic sheets, all in a single pass through the machine. We are also prepared to evaluate their effectiveness on unusual materials and/or applications.

Shannon Heating and Bending Equipment:

EFC provides sales and services throughout the US, Canada, Central and South America for Shannon Plastic Heat Bending Equipment. Shannon’s professional equipment is made in the Netherlands and comes in various sizes for use with many thermoplastics.  Compact models make bends in thin and small size plastic pieces like card holders and badges. Semi-automatic models, with material magazines and auto-feed systems, are ideal for large scale production work and multiple bends in larger and thicker sheets of all kinds. Shannon’s machines can be customized to suit your needs.

EFC is a brand of Blackstone Industries, LLC

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