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EF-3000 Edge Finisher Machine


EF-3000 Edge Finisher Machine

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Tool Servicing for Polishers and Cutters

EFC also provides tool servicing for polishers and cutters.
Please ship all products that need servicing to:

Edge Finisher Company
16 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT 06801.

Standard pricing for tool servicing:

  • Sharpening an EF-200 or EF-2000 diamond cutter: $253.00
  • Replacing natural and PCD diamonds on an EF-200 cutter: $1,340.00 (complete rebuild)
  • Replacing natural and PCD diamonds on an EF-2000 cutter: $1,579.00 (complete rebuild)

Upon receiving your polisher or cutter, we will diagnose the problem and service it appropriately.

*Please note that the prices listed above are only standard and do not take into account exceptional damages. If the required service costs more than the prices listed above, we will contact you with the updated cost before servicing your product.


Tool Maintenance

Proper Care of Diamond Tools
A great deal of care and attention goes into the manufacturing of diamond cutting tools. The last operation carried out before a tool leaves the shop is to inspect the cutting edge at 800x magnification. It is then sealed in a protective coating and boxed for shipping.?The following precautions will prevent damage and extend the life of the cutting tool:

  1. Do not remove the cutter from its box until you are ready to use it. Unprotected, the diamond can easily be damaged. Diamonds are extremely brittle.
  2. Always use the box provided to store and ship diamond cutters. This box provides the best protection against damage. It is important to keep a cutter in the box it came in, not only for protection, but also because the box is marked with information about the tool.
  3. Never touch the diamond. Do not remove protective coating from tool, until it is installed. When setting a new tool, recheck depth with indicator tool provided with machine.
  4. Do not alter inserts (PCD and Diamond) height. There is no need to adjust the heights between the PCD and the diamond. Check machine manual for correct recommended depths of cutting.
  5. Change tools before they become too worn. This will extend the life of the tool. We recommend purchasing a second tool with each machine, which will provide a backup tool to use when a tool is being sharpened.