EF-200 Edge Finisher


EF-200 is the best-selling and most cost-effective table top machine for creating a smooth, clear finish on the edge of a saw-cut plastic material.

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EF-200 Edge Polisher Video

Table-top model removes saw marks and produces a clear, polished edge on acrylic parts…all in a single pass through the machine.

The EF-200 Edge Finisher puts a flat, clear, smooth finish on the edge of a saw-cut plastic work piece.

  • The work piece is placed with the cut edge down on the surface of the machine.
  • Two precision, gear-driven belt assemblies feed the plastic piece across a special diamond cutter mounted on a super precise spindle.
  • The spindle rotates at a rate of speed of 18,000 RPM.
  • The belt assemblies keep the tension on the plastic piece constant and smooth as it moves through.
  • When the work piece exits the belt feed drive, the scratches and marks from sawing are gone – the edge is as flat and clear as the surface of the piece.

The EF-200 handles workpieces up to 3/4″ thick which can be stacked and fed simultaneously.

Feed belt assemblies can swing out to permit easy access to the cutter and are completely protected by safety guards.

A complete set of tools for setup, adjustment, and operation is furnished with each machine, along with a depth indicator and base for setting cutter height.

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EF-200 diamond cutter is 3/4 inches.

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