EBM Edge Beveler Machine


The EBM, or Edge Beveler Machine, is a compact beveled edge diamond polisher. It turns a straight plastic edge with a single pass into a beveled edge with an optically clear finish. The EBM can be equipped with an optional variable speed feeder system. The size of the facet can be easily adjusted from 0 to .4 in. There are many different cutter options depending on the desired result. A movable stand is available separately.



• Compact model turns straight plastic edge into a beveled edge in a single pass
• Works with sheets up to 3.94″ thick and facet size adjusts from 0 – .39″
• Rotation speed of the diamond cutter is adjustable from 0 – 12,000 RPM
• Choose from a Standard High Gloss finish and Frosted (Satin) finish also available
• Optional mobile stand

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