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AFF135 and AFF135/D – Automatic Bending Machines

ABM-135/D Automatic Bending Machine

The ABM-135/D is excellent for high quantity production of single or two bend materials up to 0.25″ thick. Its easy to set up system will heat, bend and cool automatically. This makes it ideal for products like badge holders or table toppers . The pneumatic arm (like the HRK and HRP) is setup on an adjustable timer. The ABM heating elements are also adjustable for heat for different substrates. The brake or bending arms are fully adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees. Once the bend is made, air is blown over the material to cool it and fix its position. The material is held in place by vacuum until the process is complete.

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Specs for the ABM Automatic Bending Machine:
Max working length 53.14″ (1350 mm)
Standard sheet thickness .007″ – .25″ ( 0.2 – 6 mm)
Max heating units 2
Electrical requirements 208 V – 230 V @ 10 Amps
Shipping weight 685 lbs.

The ABM-135/D is the newest machine in the lineup from Shannon. It uses both top and bottom heating to heat your plastic material and then one of two adjustable breaks to bend your material. This machine is a great choice for high volume production in plastics 0.25″ and less .The ABM-135/D is equipped with two sets of ni-chrome wire heating elements that are fully adjustable for position height and temperature. Like all Shannon products this machine comes with a 3 year limited warranty from the purchase date.


ABM-135/D in action!